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 Confidence Speaking Class 

Question:  Why isn't it useful to ask my kid "don't be shy?"

Don't Give Negative Judgment!

We should help children to feel good about themselves. Giving them the impression that there is something wrong with them will just make them feel worse about self, and therefore more insecure.

For K1/ K2 Students

Level One:
Nurture a relaxed attitude about social interactions of all kinds, i.e. introducing self, making eye-contact
Level Two:
Train confident dialogues through the enactment of drama role play and storytelling.

For P1 Interview Preparation

Level One - Listening Comprehension:
It is more than just hearing what is said; rather, it is a child’s ability to understand, remember, discuss the meaning of the words he/she hears, and even retell them in their own words.
Level Two - Reading Comprehension:
It is the ability to read text, process it and understand its meaning. A child's ability to comprehend text is influenced by the ability to make inferences. If students use too much of their processing capacity to read individual words, which interferes with their ability to comprehend what is read. 

For K3/ P1 Students

Build up public speaking confident through reading poems and become the little performers on stage.

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