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In order to develop into a member, contributor, leader of our future society, the emphasis of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills is as important as it ever was. At Socratic Kids, we appreciate the importance of these key skill sets and value the social and emotional training as equally important as intellectual abilities.



We believe every children is unique, everyone has their own strengths that needs to be utilized. We aim at finding each individual’s strength, their unique learning style, to maximize and fully realize their capacity. We customize the learning path for each children in a small class size environment.


Our consultants, teachers and counselor closely follow and monitor each child’s development progress, allowing us to tailor-make, and adjust our programs that best fit each student.  Moreover, we keep a close relationship with parents and students as this is the vital factor for life long development planning.





Children have a stronger acknowledgement and are more receptive through the sense of happiness, compared to sense of difficulty. Our experience has taught us that if children can learn in a happy process, they show higher acceptance of challenges, and develop a positive motivation mindset when dealing with future difficulties.



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