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  Short-term Memory Training  

Why my child forgets the new vocabulary after reading,but can remember the cartoon story?

Sensory Input is the KEY! (learn more from Learning Style Assessment) 

Information is passed from the SENSORY MEMORY into short-term memory via the process of attention (the cognitive process of selectively concentrating on one aspect of the environment while ignoring other things), which effectively filters the stimuli to only those which are of interest at any given time.

For K1/ K2 Students

Explore different aspects of sensory memory i.e. visual & auditory input; and how students can apply that learning style to improve their own memory. 

For K2/ K3 Students

Teaching of memory improvement techniques (PART I)  i.e. memory retrieval cues.

For K3/ P1 Students

Teaching of memory improvement techniques (PART II) i.e. encoding/ decoding


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