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Values Education

5 Universal Human Values


Each one of the 5 universal Human Values in the education system is regarded as having endless depth and breath, we can give a synopsis of each Value as understood and applied by Socratic Kids.


In seeking to practice the Human Values in everyday life, students will be guided by the following aims:


Right Conduct






  • To practice acceptance of the good and rejection of the bad, according to the law and one's own conscience

  • To develop respect for parents, teachers and elders and to accept responsibility for one's own actions

  • To develop self-reliance, exercise initiative and to do one's best at everything one attempts

  • To develop self respect, concentration, inner contentment and calmness

  • To cooperate with and value the contributions of others

  • To develop forgiveness, patience and self-control

  • To avoid harming others in thought, word and deed

  • To develop reverence and concern for all living beings, all of nature and to engage in acts of selfless service

  • To practice forbearance and tolerance towards others

  • To speak and act truthfully and confidently, with a clean and clear conscience

  • To develop wisdom, the power of reason, intuition and a sense of inquiry

  • To understand the oneness of all creation and the truth behind all faiths

  • To love everybody unconditionally

  • To develope compassion, kindness, generosity and greatness of spirit

  • To care for our environment, each other and ourselves



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