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        Words from Director


One key element of parenting is about school involvement. I encourage parents to visit our School and become involved in the educational process. This way, parents are fully aware of their children’s strengths/weaknesses through consultation sessions, and also are able to equip practical skills to address children’s psychological needs from sharing sessions/seminars. 


Our Socratic kids will strive for excellence, not because they want to become number one, but because they can feel that doing their best simply feels good! And they will find their self-worth and value from internal sources (love & happiness) rather than from external acceptance (punishment/reward). To guarantee a Healthy educational environment is the important part of my role!

        Words from Counselor


Most parents question “How can we get kids to do what they're told?” 


I recommend parents to begin instead by asking, “What do kids need — and how can we meet those needs?”


At Socratic, we strive to cultivate the Unconditional Parenting: moving from rewards & punishments to Love & Reason! Rather than doing something “to” our children , we now can work “with” our children to achieve a win/win situation that is a result of “character” instead of “control”.

        Words from Teachers


“Education is kindling of flame not the filling of a vessel” - Socrates


At Socratic, we believe that education is a starting point rather than a finishing line. As teachers, we spark and guide the experiential learning process, instead of filling the journey with information. Our teaching philosophy is to encourage and guide our students to be inquisitive, creative, and to most of all have fun! When it comes to learning, we believe “It’s about the journey, as much as the outcome!”




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